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Verdicts & Settlements
  • "$3,200,000 -- Motorcycle crash causing abdominal injuries*Defendant who was driving a van which struck our client only had $10,000insurance coverage. Due to the failure of the insurer to timely resolve thecase we obtained a settlement of 3.2 million."

  • "$2,156,249 -- Slip & fall causing low back injuries*Defendant grocery store put out wet floor signs due to a leaking freezer.Client fell while walking down the aisle. Defendant claimed client was 100%at fault. A jury found no responsibility on the client and awarded over 2.1million in damages."

  • "$1,550,000 -- Tractor Trailor crash causing back injuries *Defendant trucking company claimed their driver was not at fault for acrash on I-95 and blamed a phantom vehicle After a trial the jury awardedour client over 1.5 million in damages."

  • "$1,417,937 -- Car crash causing injuries to an elderly couple.*Defendant claimed the husband who was 83 years old violated defendant'sright of way. After a trial the jury awarded the husband and wife over 1.4million."

  • "$1,000,000 -- Full-size Pickup Truck striking the back of client's car*Defendant denied liability claiming they were pushed from behind into ourclient. The case settled after a 2 week trial, while the jury was outdeliberating."