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Head & Spinal Injuries

West Palm Beach Attorneys Assist Victims of Head & Spinal Injuries

Determined trial lawyers seek full compensation for catastrophic harm

A catastrophic injury is one that changes the life of the victim forever. Such injuries often require a lifetime of treatment as well as personal care. Two of the most serious types of catastrophic injuries are brain injury and spinal trauma. If you or a loved one has sustained this type of harm and someone else may be legally responsible, you need skilled and determined legal representation to help you recover the greatest amount of compensation possible. With Vassallo, Bilotta, Friedman & Davis, you get an accomplished legal team with an impressive record of success in catastrophic injury cases. We understand what is at stake in your case, and we work tirelessly to deliver the results you need.

How accidents cause traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, occurs when a force or a foreign object destroys brain tissue. There are three main mechanisms for causing traumatic brain injury:

  • Impact — When a victim’s skull is impacted by sufficient force, bruising, bleeding and swelling can occur, destroying brain tissue. Car accidents, slip and fall accidents, falling objects, and other events can inflict the blunt force trauma sufficient to produce injury. Explosions produce concussive force capable of inflicting TBI. Violent assaults and sports injuries are also common causes of TBI.
  • Penetration — When a foreign object penetrates the skull, it tears brain tissue. Gunshots are a common cause of penetration injuries, but penetration can also occur during a car crash or as a result of a construction site accident.
  • Shaking — When a person’s head is violently shaken, the brain can move within the cranium, shredding connective brain tissue and causing bleeding and swelling. Whiplash injuries in high-speed car accidents often produce this result.

TBI causes a range of physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms, which are often disabling. Recovery is slow for most victims, and many never fully recover. That’s why it’s essential for TBI victims to seek compensation that fully accounts for their harm over the long term.

Long-term effects of spinal trauma

The spinal cord is the conduit for messages from the brain to the body. When spinal trauma occurs, brain communication is disrupted, so bodily functions are affected. In the worst cases of spinal trauma, victims suffer:

  • Paraplegia — If the spinal trauma occurs below the neck and is severe enough to cause a break in nerve fibers, the victim’s legs can be fully paralyzed.
  • Quadriplegia — If the point of trauma is above the shoulders, a victim can suffer paralysis of the arms as well as the legs.

Auto accidents, motorcycle accidents and slip and fall accidents are common causes of paralysis due to spinal injury.

Be sure to hire an effective West Palm Beach law firm for your injury case

You only get one chance to sue a defendant, so you must retain an attorney who can capably pursue the maximum amount of compensation. If your accident occurred in the workplace, it’s vitally important that you get a fair total disability settlement from workers’ compensation and that your attorney investigates the facts to see if there are grounds for a third-party lawsuit that would allow you to recover personal injury damages.

Although no lawyer can guarantee an outcome, a practitioner’s track record is a solid indicator of ability to manage your case successfully. When you retain our law firm, you can rely on our knowledge, experience and determination to fight for you.

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