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Car Accidents

West Palm Beach Lawyers Assist Victims of Car Accidents

Accomplished litigators seek damages for injured drivers and passengers

Getting hurt in a car accident is both a painful and a frightening experience. Aside from the physical injuries, victims also face financial repercussions and the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies. Our seasoned lawyers at Vassallo, Bilotta & Davis help drivers, passengers and pedestrians secure payment for the damage that they have suffered. With offices in West Palm Beach and Stuart, we work tirelessly to address the expenses and lost income triggered by a vehicle collision. In many cases, our representation can lead to a prompt, fair settlement from your insurance company. If going to court is the better option, however, we prepare a comprehensive argument on your behalf.

Seasoned advisers explain Florida auto insurance matters

Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state, which means that, in most cases, someone injured in a car crash pursues relief through their own car insurance company. However, some circumstances can alter your options. Our firm provides thorough advice on these matters, including issues such as:

  • Serious injury threshold — An accident that results in a permanent injury or disfigurement entitles victims to seek relief through a lawsuit. We can examine your medical condition and pursue litigation when appropriate.
  • Comparative fault — In many cases, both parties bear responsibility for a vehicle collision. While some jurisdictions prohibit recovery if a victim is assigned some fault, Florida is a pure comparative negligence state — you can obtain damages even if you are partly liable for the crash.
  • Uninsured motorists — Though carriers must offer insurance to cover damages caused by uninsured or underinsured motorists, Florida law does not require drivers to purchase this type of policy. If this coverage is pertinent to your case, we will advise you of your rights.

In a free initial consultation, our personal injury attorneys can review the relevant facts and outline your choices. From there, we negotiate vigorously with your insurer or argue effectively in court so that you can receive the financial recovery that you deserve. Our firm also has extensive experience handling legal matters associated with truck and motorcycle accidents.

Stuart attorneys handle collision cases caused by distracted driving

Bad drivers have always existed, but the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices mean many people are now driving while distracted, making the roads even more dangerous for everyone. Even if distracted driving is not listed on a police report as the cause of your collision, our firm can conduct a thorough investigation to identify each contributing circumstance. Don’t delay getting the legal help you need when you’ve been injured in any kind of car accident: acting quickly can help us locate the evidence needed to secure a fair outcome.

Contact a proven South Florida auto accident lawyer for a free initial consultation

Vassallo, Bilotta & Davis represents individuals who have been injured in car accidents and other types of vehicle crashes in South Florida. Please call 561-471-2800 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at one of our offices, located in West Palm Beach and Stuart.

“I would readily recommend Jeffrey Friedman as an attorney. I felt that Jeff was incredibly helpful, and he went above and beyond in resolving my Workers’ Compensation case. He kept me very informed and I felt confident in his abilities as my attorney. Thanks again to you and Laura.”
-Iris, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★ Review From Google

“Mr. Friedman handled my workers compensation case during the past four years. He represented me against Comcast and always had my best interest at heart. He went over and above to help knowing this pain is real and that I needed help and still need help…I don’t want to forget about his staff they are awesome and I trust Mr. Friedman beyond measure.”
-Shevon, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★ Review From Google

“I can’t thank Joseph Bilotta enough for his excellent assistance in handling my personal injury claim. Without his support, I wouldn’t have been able to receive the benefits I wanted for myself. Being the only earning member of my family, it makes a big difference for me to have my medical bills taken care of. So, I was very pleased with the way he handled my needs. While I hope I do not have such trouble again, if I do I’d definitely turn to you.”
-Allison, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★ Review From Google

“Jeff Friedman represented me in my Workers Comp lawsuit – He was empathetic and
personable as well as professional. Jeff knew the laws and protected me each step of the way – he fought for me for 4 years ensuring the best outcome possible. The office staff goes above and beyond for the clients represented. My injury was devastating, physically, mentally and emotionally – however – I was treated with the utmost dignity and respect throughout the entire ordeal.”
-Jim, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★ Review From Facebook

“Brian Vassallo represented me in my Workmans Comp. case. And I was very pleased with the results. He went above and beyond in explaining everything and making the process worry free…..Thanks again”
-Robert, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★ Review From Facebook

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Verdicts & Settlements
  • "$3,200,000 -- Motorcycle crash causing abdominal injuries* Defendant who was driving a van which struck our client only had $10,000 insurance coverage. Due to the failure of the insurer to timely resolve the case we obtained a settlement of 3.2 million."

  • "$2,156,249 -- Slip & fall causing low back injuries* Defendant grocery store put out wet floor signs due to a leaking freezer. Client fell while walking down the aisle. Defendant claimed client was 100% at fault. A jury found no responsibility on the client and awarded over 2.1 million in damages."

  • "$1,550,000 -- Tractor Trailor crash causing back injuries * Defendant trucking company claimed their driver was not at fault for a crash on I-95 and blamed a phantom vehicle After a trial the jury awarded our client over 1.5 million in damages."

  • "$1,417,937 -- Car crash causing injuries to an elderly couple.* Defendant claimed the husband who was 83 years old violated defendant's right of way. After a trial the jury awarded the husband and wife over 1.4 million."

  • "$1,000,000 -- Full-size Pickup Truck striking the back of client's car* Defendant denied liability claiming they were pushed from behind into our client. The case settled after a 2 week trial, while the jury was out deliberating."