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What Can You Do if Your Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied?

If you have been injured at work in Florida and your workers’ compensation claim has been denied by the employer or carrier, you have a right to appeal the decision. A successful appeal can get you the medical benefits and wage reimbursement you deserve. However, it is important to understand the reasons your claim was Read More

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What to Know About Reporting an Accident That May Get You Workers’ Compensation

The workers’ compensation system is in place to provide medical care and reimbursement of lost wages for employees who become injured or ill due to a job-related accident or workplace condition. There is no need to prove fault in order to qualify for workers’ compensation. However, injured workers must report incidents to their employer as Read More

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The Most Common Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that provides financial and medical assistance to Florida employees who suffer injuries or illnesses resulting from workplace incidents. Workers are susceptible to a wide range of injuries for which workers’ compensation benefits may be available. Working in specific industries may expose you to higher risks and potential dangers. However, Read More

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Compensation for Injuries Suffered in Heavy Machinery Accidents

The heavy equipment used in many occupations presents imminent dangers to workers. Machine-related accidents are more prevalent among construction, factory and warehouse workers. Employees in those sectors are at greater risk of serious injuries resulting in permanent disability or even death. Some of the most common industrial accidents involve these types of heavy machinery: Front-end Read More

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How an Independent Medical Examination Can Affect Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

In Florida workers’ compensation cases, an independent medical examination (IME) may be necessary when there is a medical dispute between the employer/carrier and the injured employee over the major contributing cause of the injuries, the severity of the employee’s condition and the extent of medical care and treatment needed. An IME is not merely a Read More

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Proving Permanent Total Disability in a Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim

Florida law requires most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide financial benefits to employees who sustain injuries on the job. You may be eligible to receive permanent total disability (PTD) benefits through workers’ compensation if your injuries leave you unable to work. However, qualifying for permanent total disability requires meeting stringent legal standards. Read More

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Recovering Lost Wages Through Workers’ Compensation

Accidents at work can leave you partially or totally disabled and therefore unable to do your job or perhaps any job. Even if you’re able to continue working, physical limitations caused by your work-related injury or illness might restrict your ability to work and limit how much you can earn. Most Florida employees are covered Read More

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Workers’ Compensation for Medical Treatment Costs

If you are injured on the job in Florida and are covered by workers’ compensation, your employer’s workers’ comp insurance carrier will be responsible for providing you with reimbursement of the costs of medical treatment for your work-related injury. However, there are limits on the type and extent of treatment that is compensable. Understanding these Read More

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How Do You Become Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Florida, like other states, has a workers’ compensation system that requires most employers to carry insurance to provide financial benefits to employees injured on the job. Those benefits include reimbursement for medical treatment and for wages lost due to missing work. If you are employed in Florida, it is essential to make sure you are Read More

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What Types of Personal Injury Claims Might Result from COVID-19 Exposure?

COVID-19 exposure has led to a litany of serious health issues and tens of thousands of deaths. Though everyone’s health is top priority, afflicted individuals and family members of those who have been lost might wonder what type of claims can be brought in relation to coronavirus infections. Though each case is unique and it Read More

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Verdicts & Settlements
  • "$3,200,000 -- Motorcycle crash causing abdominal injuries* Defendant who was driving a van which struck our client only had $10,000 insurance coverage. Due to the failure of the insurer to timely resolve the case we obtained a settlement of 3.2 million."

  • "$2,156,249 -- Slip & fall causing low back injuries* Defendant grocery store put out wet floor signs due to a leaking freezer. Client fell while walking down the aisle. Defendant claimed client was 100% at fault. A jury found no responsibility on the client and awarded over 2.1 million in damages."

  • "$1,550,000 -- Tractor Trailor crash causing back injuries * Defendant trucking company claimed their driver was not at fault for a crash on I-95 and blamed a phantom vehicle After a trial the jury awarded our client over 1.5 million in damages."

  • "$1,417,937 -- Car crash causing injuries to an elderly couple.* Defendant claimed the husband who was 83 years old violated defendant's right of way. After a trial the jury awarded the husband and wife over 1.4 million."

  • "$1,000,000 -- Full-size Pickup Truck striking the back of client's car* Defendant denied liability claiming they were pushed from behind into our client. The case settled after a 2 week trial, while the jury was out deliberating."